Hot Links For Yer Sausage

> THEFUMP.COM - The Funny Music Project! Many wonderfully talented comedy musicians releasing new funny music quite often! The FuMP formed in 2007 so there's already plenty to immerse yourself in.
> MADMUSIC.COM - Database of all music of the funny or demented variety. If you're a FREAK like me that enjoys FUNNY MUSIC.
> DMDB.ORG - Another database of demented music, but more specifically Dr. Demento.
> CONSORTIUMOFGENIUS.COM - I, uh, probably like these guys... Considering the whole section on my site about them...
> EGOR'S CHAMBER OF TV HORROR HOSTS - Information about many horror hosts.
> AL TV + AL MUSIC - Al TV and Al Music collected for your watching-til-your-brain-turns-to-cottage-cheese pleasure.
> XVR27 - Has scans of Weird Al items such as CDs, DVDs, and VHSes.
> FORGOTIFY - Shows you a song on Spotify with few to no listens.
> CARI.INSTITUTE - Cool site about aesthetics.
> MESSYBEAST.COM - Lots of interesting pages about cats and big cats.
> BLINKIES.CAFE - Blinkie generator with MANY options!
> PIXEL SEA - Gif printer! Lots of teeny graphics.
> COOLCLIPARTFREE - Tumblr blog with lots of compressed clipart.
> MS CLIPART SEARCH - Even more clipart! All in SVG format.
> HEATHERS ANIMATIONS - Lots of old gifs.
> TINY BACKGROUNDS - Lots of backgrounds to use for websites or whatever -- a few I've used myself on this site!
> TILED BACKGROUNDS - Similar to the above page, more backgrounds to use for your site!
> CARDBOARDBOX - Make chiptunes.
> ANTIFANDOM - I hate Fandom and you should too. This is a simple, actually-usable version.
> ANIMAL JAM ARCHIVES - Animal jam assets! Images of animals, clothing items, location backgrounds and much more!
> LIODEN - Lion game I've been playing for 4+ years!
> STINKYMEAT - What happens when you leave meat outside for 19 days? (Warning: Gross photos!)
> NEAL.FUN - Lots of fun little things.